The Clover Copter is the first human-carrying electric quad-copter optimized for forward flight. It’s the logical eVTOL design for the new era of urban air mobility.

Aerodynamically Sleek: The fuselage is aligned with the direction of forward flight, while the rotors have the required forward tilt. Uniquely, the struts supporting the rotors act as wings, reducing the lift required from the rotors. 

Lowest Noise in Hover: With four large rotors, the Clover Copter is extremely quiet in both hover and forward flight. Competing tilt-rotor designs are noisy in hover, which will limit their adoption for urban transport. 

Highest Efficiency: The large rotors make the Clover Copter highly efficient in both hover and forward flight, providing more than an hour of endurance and 100-mile operating range.

Safety by Design:  The Clover Copter is capable of auto-rotative descent, a critical safety feature used in traditional helicopters, but absent for eVTOLs designed by others.